Sunil Sebastian (sunilsebastian) wrote,
Sunil Sebastian

Plato's "Republic"

In his "Republic", Captain Plato sailed, in brillig infamy
Ever towards the sunset, all across the wine-dark sea
One day to Aristotle, Mate, cried out the captain loud
"There's more to that horizon than a Pythagorean cloud!"

Then from the crowsnest came the call, "To Starboard, Sail Ho!"
And sky rang out with thunder from an Olympian blow.
Plato gave over the looking glass, and scowled across the brine
at the colours of Sir Issac hung off distant brigantine

"Raise the Roger, lads," the Captain cried, "Tell them who they face!"
And the grinning skull and crossbones leered across the foaming space.
Sir Issac's cannons spoke once more, upon the surging ocean
Iron hissed into the sea, launched from "Object in Motion"

Plato replied Socraticly; posing with full broad-side
the question of which ship would bottom, and which the storm outride
"Republic" might even have won, but for Newton's surprise
A second ship, and then a third revealed between sea's rise

"Republic" put on her finest, and strained under the gale
"Object" slapped the bitch in passing, raking the portside gunwhale
But canvas held, and Plato was certain to give the slip
When Einstein blew her straight to hell from his Helo-Gunship.
Tags: nonsense
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