Sunil Sebastian (sunilsebastian) wrote,
Sunil Sebastian

Sometimes you get the elevator

Sometimes you get the molten-chocolate-centered, chocolate cupcakes.


So I’ve got the cousins over for the tail end of their winter break from school.  And after a brutal shopping session discovering that post massive propane explosion in the city’s west end had resulted in the shut down down all the gas station propane filling stations, and the gas station attendant didn’t know how his own tank exchange system works, and…

After a brutal grocery session, it was nice to break out into the kitchen and just cook.  And it’s still a remarkable experience to take “the plan” and slice it into a logistically sane set of tasks that I can pass around to various teens.  You want a project management lesson, there it is.  Skill levels, skill sets, experience, balancing so everybody gets to participate on something non-trivial and of course, getting the job done.


And they are reliably talented.  As I let go of the task list, things got a lot less frenetic, and the kids worked magic.  All I ended up having to do was work the grill.  And we ended up with a dinner of steak, portobello mushrooms with red pepper,  pan-fried tomatoes in garlic, baked sweet potato.

And a mouthwatering cupcake for desert.


How was your dinner? 

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